La Queenciañera


Shot on the occasion of her 50th birthday, this film follows Bamby Salcedo as she makes plans to throw herself a “Queenciañera” party and reflects on her amazing journey from Guadalajara, Mexico to living as an addict in LA’s Skid Row to winning her first job with the LGBTQIA+ community when she was fresh out of recovery.

She started from the bottom, reached for the top, and is still going to this day. Now a nationally and internationally known Latina Transgender activist and founder of the TransLatin@ Coalition, Salcedo takes the phrase “never give up” to a whole new level. Salcedo is inspiring new generations to get involved in LGBTQIA+ activism.


  • Director: Pedro Peira
  • Producer: Pedro Peira
  • Writer: Pedro Peira
  • Executive Producers: Rosario Dawson & Maria Roman
  • Cinematographer: Romas Usakovas
  • Music: Antoni M. March
  • Length: 81 minutes
  • Format: 4K
  • Languages: Spanish & English
  • World Premiere: 19/8/2022

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Bamby Salcedo is turning 50 years old. For most people, a 50th birthday is a time of reflection, but for Bamby, it is a moment to celebrate. She is a true survivor: a transgender, HIV-positive, undocumented immigrant, victim of multiple sexual assaults, in recovery from narcotics addiction.

In documentary “LA QueenCiañera,” filmmaker Pedro Peira follows Mexican-American transgender activist Bamby Salcedo as she prepares a 50th birthday celebration in Los Angeles attended by the people who helped her survive.