The Three Michelin Star honor is the line between haute cuisine and the rest. 

In this ruling class there are different ways of approaching cuisine, which allow us to discover spiritual and culinary contrasts. 

Taking us to Eneko Atxa’s 3-Michelin-star restaurant in Spain, and to the legendary Tokyo sushi joint run by elderly Jiro Ono, the film captures the deep traditions that have made Basque and Japanese cuisines two of the best in the world.


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Bamby Salcedo is turning 50 years old. For most people, a 50th birthday is a time of reflection, but for Bamby, it is a moment to celebrate. She is a true survivor: a transgender, HIV-positive, undocumented immigrant, victim of multiple sexual assaults, in recovery from narcotics addiction.

In documentary “LA QueenCiañera,” filmmaker Pedro Peira follows Mexican-American transgender activist Bamby Salcedo as she prepares a 50th birthday celebration in Los Angeles attended by the people who helped her survive.